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The Technical Traders Report was founded in 1999. The Technical Trader Report reviews many of the best stocks to find those that are in a position where profits can potentially be made in relatively short periods of time. The report starts with the best companies with great fundamentals, and then applies detailed technical analysis to determine if it is time to be bullish or bearish on that stock. The Technical Trader Report also features Chief Market Strategist Jon Johnson as its editor. Split Ventures, Ltd. produces the Technical Trader Report. Online Investment Services, LP. distributes and markets the Technical Trader Report on its and websites.
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P.S. We are not brokers, analysts or otherwise licensed in the securities industry. We have created this web site as an information and research tool for you. Please don't take any of my posts as recommendations, rather, consider each post and evaluate it for its merits. We truly enjoy providing this service and we hope you will enjoy receiving it.